27.06.2011, 19:15

Large Clinic To Be Built at FEFU - Sergey DARKIN

It will not only treat patients but also carry out scientific research

20.06.2011, 22:30

Primorye Governor Inspected Construction Sites of Golden Horn Bridge

According to the builders, the works will be completed in the scheduled term

26.05.2011, 23:00

Primorsky Territory And Suifenhe To Broaden Cooperation

Chinese delegation was interested in large regional projects connected with APEC summit

01.05.2011, 23:00

Vladimir Putin: APEC Projects in Vladivostok Being Built According to Schedule

The Prime Minister of the RF Government issued the statement while reporting on the RF Government activity in 2010

22.04.2011, 23:30

Putin: Preparation for Hosting of APEC Summit in Vladivostok Means Development of District

According to the Prime Minister, it is important "to make everything in a beautiful manner"

15.04.2011, 22:30

Victor ISHAEV: No Doubts That APEC Summit-2012 Objects To Be Finished in Time

The RF President Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District shared his impressions on the results of his business trip to Vladivostok

13.03.2011, 23:00

Russkiy Island Bridge: Bird"s-Eye View

The pylons are half built; their height comes up to 160 meters

10.03.2011, 22:15

Exclusive Hotel Being Built in Vladivostok Downtown

Five-star hotel is planned to put into operation till the APEC Summit

17.02.2011, 22:15

Drug Store for APECSummit Participants and Guest Opens in Vladivostok

The staff is required to speak English

15.02.2011, 19:15

Up-to-Date Transport Infrastructure to Appear in Southern Primorye till 2012

The highways will link Vladivostok, Artem and Nadezhdinsk Dstrict

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