APEC 2012 Investment projects 2008 - 2020 Port Vostochny

Purpose of the project - Transport processing and storage of cargo.

Construction and reconstruction of container and transshipment facilities of the port helps increase the efficiency of the Primorsky Territory port system and opportunity for export cargo transportation.

Reconstruction of the existing coal complex and construction of the 3rd turn of the coal complex.

 Project capacity - 12 mln. tons

Reconstruction of container terminals.

Project capacity - 2.5 mln. TEU/year.

Construction of two container terminals.

Project capacity - 0.5 mln. TEU/year

Volume of investments (mln. Rb)

Private investments - 14 675.

Main indicators of the project budget efficiency

NPV (mln. Rb.) - 10690.

IRR - 27.8%.

Budget efficiency (mtn. Rb.) - 6 970.

Legal provision

Transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020, FPP "Modernization of transport system of the Russian Federation for the period from 2002 to 2010"

Current situation of the project

Construction documents being developed.

Planned number of employees

200 people

Potential place of project realization

Vladivostok, Wrangel Bay Primorsky Territory.

Initiator of the investment project

OJSC "Port Vostochny", CJSC "Vostochny International Container Service/ FIC "Dalsudpromshelf"

Term of realization

Years 2007 - 2015